production | fabrication | print | installation

GDC Technics (originally called Gore Design) is a global aerospace company
that primarily specializes in engineering and technical services for aircrafts.


Prior to the start of this project, GDC did a great deal of VIP level modifica-
tions to luxury aircrafts. The GDC team had been commissioned by a foreign

entrepreneur to create a high-end custom Boeing 737 interior. However
before the aircraft modifications could begin, the client wanted to see a full
scale representation of what the aircraft interior would look like. That’s when
the GDC team reached out to us.


Located on site at the GDC aircraft hanger, our team created a full scale
model of the clients luxury Boeing 737 interior design. Our production team
engineered each print component of the interior, to fit exactly to GDC’s
design specifications. The model was made almost entirely from direct print
foam board graphics and printed adhesive vinyl. In addition, the exhibit also
featured functioning LED lighting and a climate controlled environment.