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View the wide range of offerings we can provide and be inspired.

Acrylic Mounted Prints​

Acrylics can create depth, definition, and contrast to the simplest to most complex projects. Let us help you create uncommon impact through custom and unique acrylics. From upscale boutiques, museums and libraries to military and commercial clients; we pride ourselves on our ability to mount, print and cut acrylic materials. We have been challenged by some of the best artists in the area to produce flawless acrylics up to 2” deep. We continue to lead the way in mounted acrylics and producing some of the clearest, highest quality products available.




Draw attention and awareness to your brand with creative messaging, design and placement. Rigid materials used in the past have made way for lighter-weight textiles that allow more movement, flexibility and environmental harmony. Plus, they are easier and less expensive to ship. We work with a variety of materials and substrates, including vinyl in varied thicknesses −a smooth, tear and crease-resistant option for outdoors, PVC to support wide format graphics, and mesh fabrics that lend extra eye appeal to any space. Using inks specific to your indoor or outdoor needs, we can produce your artwork to be vibrant and durable creating that “made you look” effect every time.

Billboards & Signs

Everywhere you look, signs inform and promote. With so many signs of all shapes and sizes littering the asphalt jungle, standing out can be challenging. In fact, it’s somewhat challenging just to decide what type of signage you need. Regardless, RedSmith Graphic Solutions is a full-service sign company that can help with any type of sign project, whether it’s temporary signs for a one-time occasion or a billboard. More importantly, we can help define the material, size, color and where to install your new sign for maximum impact.


This material has a high-end look and is extremely durable, making it an exceptional choice for interior or exterior use. You can direct print, apply vinyl laminate or even layer with acrylic on this material. Our dibond composite aluminum is used frequently for wayfinding signs and outdoor signs.

Environments & Spaces

From Banks to Bars, we have designed, produced and installed some of the most impactful and creative large format print solutions for our clients. Whether it is a major installation for a local professional sports team, or a doctor’s office waiting area, producing environments that reinforce and extend your brand is our strong suit. Using many types of materials in unconventional ways makes us a great choice for your next branding project. The way it’s installed directly influences the ultimate impact of your project. Let our team of professionals manage your installations.

Event Graphics

Event graphics allows presenters, vendors and event coordinators to transform any venue into a stunning visual experience with big, bold graphics. Imagine your brand or theme on large-scale vinyl banners or whole building wall murals to set the stage for your next event. Don’t forget to extend your brand across all your directional signage, retractable banners, and other messaging to extend your ownership of the event across your venue. Inside or outside, we can provide all your event graphics – from tickets and banners, to stadium-size hi-resolution photographs.


Lightweight and practical, dye sublimated fabric is inexpensive to ship and easy to handle and gives sign shops and graphic providers an alternative to heavier, traditional signage. Our printer dyes fabric directly so the fabric retains its drape and soft feel while achieving bright, vivid imagery. The dye-sublimation process works well with most polyester based fabrics that contain at least 80% polyester such as heavy knits, stretch knits, poplins, sheers, meshes, flag fabrics, poly silks, poly linens, canvases and more.  Partner our dye sublimated prints with a silicon edge frame, light box or backlit frame for the perfect solution for any event.

Marketing Materials

Yeah, we get it; operating a business in the 21st century means you must have a social media presence, and a website, which implies old school marketing techniques are irrelevant in the digital age. That’s a wrong assumption. If you don’t have traditional brochures, flyers, and other old-school print media – your business will suffer. Our vast database of promotional products will ensure that your business remains effective with the right marketing materials.

Mesh Fencing​

Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, it is made from coated Mesh or solid Vinyl banner material. Advertising and promotion has never been easier. For example, new construction projects, new home sales, special events, golf courses, resorts, whatever your message is – now it can be custom printed on fence screen fabric. We can provide mesh or vinyl fencing graphics to any length and height desired. Our superior material looks great and last for years. This is a popular and simple cost-effective way to promote new projects or restore life to old, drab fences.

Out of the Box

Do you have a creative project or idea that is not listed above? Let us know! We strive to always provide you with the best solution for your project. Some of our OTB projects include a giant 40-foot UFO, a styrofoam toilet, spacemen, custom TV displays, LED displays and so much more. We are here to provide you the best creative solution.

Photographic Prints

This process is used for a wide variety of large format media including; backlist, posters and roll up displays. The process is revolutionary, which is why Museums, Libraries, Banks and Retailers choose Digital Imaging over ink jet prints. Major retailers set themselves apart with the quality provided by this type of “printing.” Apple, AT&T and others use Digital Imaging throughout their stores. Incidentally, since the process used in Digital Photographic printing is so fast – the cost of printing is almost the same compared to traditional methods.

Trade Show Booths

Your display reflects your business. RedSmith Graphic Solutions brings your brand and message to life. Whether your display is a custom space for trade shows, or a simple, small, roll-up display designed for your sales team – we test everything we build before it ships to ensure your trade show experience is smooth and hassle free. We have been matching our client’s needs with stunning display booths for over two decades. Our high-quality graphics, signage, and accessories stand out from your competition, and are unbelievably durable giving them both high ROI and longevity.

Vehicle Wraps

Fleet and Commercial Vehicles demand strong, long lasting graphics professionally installed by a team that you can trust. Whether you are just starting out or have a larger fleet; getting the word out is important. Your vehicle is a graphic representation of your business; whether you like it or not, dirty white trucks do not impress would be customers. Incidentally, we can wrap almost anything. From long-lasting car wraps to columns to buildings, let us help you take that blank space and make it a lasting impression.